I said there would be things to look at.

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Look at this kite.

Look at this frog.

There is a new burst so I am focusing on that. I slept 16 hours (if you add them up) and woke at 5am to blow out a candle. We put in the new radiator. I drank an Inca Cola (which I can’t find the diet version of- but it doesn’t even matter because it’s so good. Fai and I would always get sick on the stuff. If you haven’t had any- go to a Spanish owned Bodega and get some. I don’t usually see it in supermarkets). I have been kind of sick. My knees are fucked up. Not long needles under kneecaps fucked up, but enough to make me want to use a phone to schedule an appointment. I fear making appointments with doctors. I’m not sure why. I also went to A.I. up in Portchester and got myself a .50 Rapidiograph nib because I’ve just about given up trying to get the others to work and this burst is great but I can’t let it pass without fine lining out some maps and scapes of this temporary feeling. I would edit more photos and post them, but they are of nature and therefore boring if not on an epic internet scale. I wrote some really horrible things. The writing wasn’t horrible but I got into a snap and everything was frightening for a measure and I thought that if I went to bed it would be better and it was. I started thinking about how lovely certain people were to me. Then I started thinking about traveling with them. Then I couldn’t sleep. That was the other day and I only slept three hours. It felt like twilight sleep when you go in for surgery. I fucking hate Tao Lin and I hope he and his books burn in fucking hell.


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