Writing Prompt: Teaching

October 19, 2010 § 2 Comments


From May 12th of this year: 15 minutes.

“Writing Prompt: TEACHING

I don’t think I’ve taught them as much as they’ve taught me-

-Be observant of the Long Island Sound
-Relearn long division
-Avoid Bronx accented parents on the playground
-Make angry concepts into a song. Have them sing along.
-Don’t do drugs that make you fall asleep in the middle of the day.
-Always be ready to put on a swimsuit.
-Nod when people tell you to get married.
-Cross the street with the light in the crosswalk.
-Make Easy Mac with no instructions.
-Stop the crying through manipulation
-Make complicated promises that can be undone without too much disappointment.
-Protect those smaller than you from barking, territorial dogs.
-Create projects with colors and stones. Glue stones to paper even though they will fall off.
-Leave sea glass in the mailbox for the mailman.
-Open all four windows of the car while on Shore Road. Go 40 mph, not 60 if there is more than one person in the car.
-Do not be afraid of guns on the kitchen table,
-If you go through drawers of socks, expect to find things you don’t want to know about.
-Sit by the fireplace until your shins turn choking red and then scratch the skin off of them because it is sooo itchy and scabs will be worth it.
-Appreciate: bees, ants, worms drowning, cracked snail shells, broken oysters, above-ground pools, halloween decals, crayons on paper, sexless things, odd distinctions between people (he can’t zipper his jacket!), robes, thunder being scary, private christmas trees, pickles, low tide, phinneas and ferb, stupid 3D movies, hannah montana pajamas, sneakers that light up, new privileges, acquiring knowledge, sleeping like the dead, being alive like there’s nothing better because today was the best and yesterday was okay, but tomorrow might be better unless your best friend moves away or an apartment burns through your friend’s possessions —-or your mom might not read a book to you because she’s tired.”



I like reading things many months later and feeling exactly the same way about what I’ve written.


“I’m talking about penetration. Beyond the veil of the flesh.” -the fly.

October 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

  • best way someone i don’t know well has started a conversation with me:

“so tell me ‘right-brained rebecca…'”

  • something i broke this week: window shade. I ripped it down the middle.


  • book i finished this week: Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy. (I re-read several parts. I will probably re-read this entire book very soon.)


  • poet that i read sitting on a dock over looking the long island sound: Marina Tsvetaeva. (Absolutely mind-blowing translation)

  • favorite chocolate purchased: Lindt’s Intense Orange (dark chocolate)


  • best random moment photographed: seagull eating a starfish.
  • scrabble word that earned me the most points today: quirk


  • best purchase this week: Whiteboard! (Dry-eraseā€¦ whatever). I have been using this non stop to remember appointments- write quotes, scrawl sleepy half fogged dreams. Sometimes I wake up at 2 a.m. and I like that what I write there will hit me in the face when I wake up and will stay with me until something else consumes my morning.


  • great recipe for monday ear meat-pie to listen to in the car: about six seconds of die antwoord. follow this by approximately 45 seconds of eddie money. change it up with some solo action from obituary’s cause of death (whole thing), plan exit to something melvins-y. usually from bullhead because it gets the wacky gears grinding.


  • best correspondence from an awesome brit: jules. (he surprises me!)


  • most looked forward to show: SWANS at the Masonic Temple tomorrow. earplugs. buttplugs. you get the gist. we’ll all be sacks of skin and they’ll string up our sinew and pluck us raw.

I decided to do this instead of sharing anything I’m working on. I don’t really have time to write anything cohesive that would pass as a blog post. Blogging is very, very serious. I know that I reach some people out there- and that makes me feel great. I write this stuff for you- and I will write more. Soon.

October is the best month of the entire year. Don’t fuck it up and don’t waste it. Don’t let the leaves fall behind your back and make sure you call me this week so we can walk arm in arm through this. New York sucks the least in October. This may be scientifically proven one day. It is also the brokest month for me- the month when I’m sensitive to everything- genuine qualities in people I love, etc.

Also my friends are doing fucking rad art and making me really proud.

Brian’s Slow & Stedy

(*note this is how it is spelled)

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