January 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have been writing lately. Some sort of New Years Day ambush of the senses. Let’s be honest: I was hungover and mostly naked thinking: “this can only end wonderfully.”

The next day I had it. I had taken over 6000 steps dancing the night before and my calves were rippling and I had danced in a peculiar way in the morning as well. So my body couldn’t make up its mind if it was hot or cold and I hate when that happens. Its my auto immune disease sneaking up on me under the wooly blanket that insists its gross rose color upon my livingroom couch and thighs. It all came to me then. So sore and blissful. Everything timed like a perfect egg.


You know when you write a poem and you vibrate out of your skin because it has successfully encased all of the good meat like a dumpling of integrity? I wanted to share so I sent my creation to Crystal Rivera. She liked it. Now I keep sending her more because more channels through somehow even though I am doing the usual music listening and The Wire watching. And Moby Dick reading. Also some working… but anyway.

Things have started right: things have started.


§ One Response to Oopsdate.

  • Crystal R. says:

    I love you.
    And I didn’t say this before but when you do share your work with me it makes me want to get started on pieces. To complete something just so I can vibrate out of my skin again.

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