room made of bookshelves.

January 7, 2011 § 3 Comments

One of my goals since I “retired” is to get my shit looking right. After last semester my bookage was a little out of control. I decided to start with organizing (at least a little bit) the bookcase in my room. (There is a facing bookshelf that was built for me by my father that I also “organized” but alas- photos only of the big one.)

Here is the before:

And here is the after:

Can you tell the difference? Maybe yes maybe no. More prominently celebrated is Brian Galderisi’s work (I’m sure you can spot the pieces). Many books got rearranged or moved (promoted…demoted). I think my major concern was that there wouldn’t be room for Nelson’s Anthology on the poetry shelf. For some reason I can’t move Lowell to rung two. Yap yap yap. I also wanted to stick No More Masks! on the first shelf. Of course… Muriel Rukeyser also needs her proper place. Sorry for sticking you next to Plath! (Considering what you wrote about her Muriel— tsk. ::Correct quote coming soon**::)

There are some books I can’t bear to part with. I better just have a house made out of bookshelves one day. Do you guys keep all of your notes and tabs in books after you’ve finished? Sometimes when I re-read Walden I’m so happy I wrote footnotes and my thoughts at the time in pencil on the pages.


§ 3 Responses to room made of bookshelves.

  • Teuni says:

    I should start doing notes on the side if I liked the material I read in that section – it’d almost be like a diary of thoughts.

    Love the organization, will you post up the one that was built by your father, too?

  • Crystal R. says:

    I can def. see a difference. (Where’d you place O’Hara?)
    I want to sleep over your house and read from your shelves some day. Pretty please?
    Bookshelves turn me on. I want the same room as you do–shelves on every wall(but there must also be a bar). haha

    When organizing my own I did find a few response papers folded into some books. I also like to mark them. The ones I care about. Makes me smile each and every time.

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