Scavenger Hunt.

September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are car crashes and drivers are in the fourth dimension, unhurt.

There are doors that lock on one side. No one ever knows which side is locked. No one tries to open these doors.

Sometimes televisions are warm.
Pornography is the only thing that heats up a low quality TV.
High quality televisions sweat when the weather channel plays for too long.
Loop of sunshine.
Loops of clouds.
Static atmosphere like a hand touching the screen.
Dust in the stratosphere.

Old televisions have ribs of color and tubes of light.
New televisions have brains made of sauce or tupperware.
(Old blistered plasma leaking onto the floor of the container store.)

Televisions grow fused fingers from their amputations.

Why does a dog always whine at 1AM from across the street?
All the other things that whine are sounds of erasers.
Rush of air under cars.
Light ripping through bedroom corners.
(Light’s favorite noise is humidity
or bugs blipping spectrum sonar)

But eating up night is more alive and secret.
Plush feelings back down into a barking secret stomach.
Late night chainsaws move abdomens under sheets.
The microwave heats bread to mush.

Bad mouth tastes are dream weather.


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