Our favorite disconnect is about how we hold our maps upside down and talk about the sales at Lord and Taylor

February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Find the physical map of yes
that stretches over skin and knows
where to punish the end of my line.

To unravel that vein in my temple
is all I can hope to yield in the year
of bad cash crop
stems moldy and seeds black
hands wet from the verge of frost.

Eyes get busy in the back of my hair
see through some dyed red, this brown dirt,
paint this land.

My lions roar with teeth of stars
Patience and Fortitude to pet in dreams,
I’ve got a city sleeping on its side
and a country under my head.


photo is 35mm holga, taken from top of mt. washington.


If I give you things and you don’t take them…

February 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I still tried to share what I have.


If only they knew what i was up to
plotting under this patterned bedspread
with my hair out and my feet under

gears of worry (hands-on working)
every fingertip on 9 and 1
tapping 2012 morse.

I saw a baby fall out a window
saw a dog creamed by a truck
was approached by homeless people

who had hearts that looked like black fists
careening down the middle lane at a red light
hands-on work (hands out)

but I have this bed and this red covered down
dreams within dreams that are clocks within clocks
and I wake up to my alarm
bolting upright with a siren inside.

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