Ode to Peritonsillar Abscess/ Not big enough to drain

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Gargle views show something buoyant as the obstructor, a red bobber stuck to my throat. Sloppy wires of mucus dangle, their elasticity causing a snappy, wet applause when coughing.

The Emergen-c is in one glass, stirred but settling again. Salt water is in another, the clouds hovering on the bottom.

Stray antibiotics from rounds that didn’t work pink up the blister packs of winking foil near the window.

No doctors want to touch me anymore. “We’re busy” they say. “8 am in Yonkers” they quip.

“I’ll be there. Put me down.”


If it doesn’t fit in your mailbox…

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Stuck a little bit in a rut of auto ability. Able to take the 2 train. Able to hit print. Able to text you back in due time.

Watched a man try to put agave syrup into some coffee today and the cap came off and the whole bottle oozed in. It was a pretty good moment for me. He got another coffee comped. I bought a bagel that made my breath smell the worst (and I didn’t bring gum with me). I knew what I was doing with that garlic and herb cream cheese, it was no accident.

Today the Brooklyn Philharmonic played some Sam Cooke and Louis Armstrong and I felt that weird welling up heartburn feeling that bubbles through the front of your forehead. Heartburn in the forehead. Hmmm.

Today the kids asked me what I like to do and I told them that besides shooting lasers out of my eyes and destroying forests to build a wooden castle while battling Robin, I enjoy writing. Since the moment I said that… I’ve been sitting in relative silence assessing how stuck and non-fluent my words are.

I walked up Underhill alongside the soggy menus and flyers plastered to the brownstones thinking about that part in Nausea where Sartre is trying to tell you that the street has a life. I thought maybe I was taking this day too hard so I stole my neighbor’s US Weekly.

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