If it doesn’t fit in your mailbox…

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Stuck a little bit in a rut of auto ability. Able to take the 2 train. Able to hit print. Able to text you back in due time.

Watched a man try to put agave syrup into some coffee today and the cap came off and the whole bottle oozed in. It was a pretty good moment for me. He got another coffee comped. I bought a bagel that made my breath smell the worst (and I didn’t bring gum with me). I knew what I was doing with that garlic and herb cream cheese, it was no accident.

Today the Brooklyn Philharmonic played some Sam Cooke and Louis Armstrong and I felt that weird welling up heartburn feeling that bubbles through the front of your forehead. Heartburn in the forehead. Hmmm.

Today the kids asked me what I like to do and I told them that besides shooting lasers out of my eyes and destroying forests to build a wooden castle while battling Robin, I enjoy writing. Since the moment I said that… I’ve been sitting in relative silence assessing how stuck and non-fluent my words are.

I walked up Underhill alongside the soggy menus and flyers plastered to the brownstones thinking about that part in Nausea where Sartre is trying to tell you that the street has a life. I thought maybe I was taking this day too hard so I stole my neighbor’s US Weekly.


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