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June 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

have the wish to hold up heavy things or lift them repeatedly and then feel my muscles and feel satisfied and walk away with my leg muscles doing the work now and my mind slowly coming back into the picture coil by coil and sidewalk by sidewalk until i am home and in my room with the blue walls feeling anything but the grey of the sidewalk that held all my color and sucked it through my feet at red lights. i sure do like pretzels in peanut butter and looking forward to touching you and touching myself in the shower with the right scent of soap that you will smell later when you bury yourself in the sheets that are anything but blue but shine like opals next to these walls and next to our bodies. the overhead light is a crooked finger and i snap it off and light a candle because its wick crackles like the spit in my mouth in the middle of the night when i refuse the glass of water and it leaps up and is irrational to the atmosphere like my blood pressure and locking knees and waking up locked in and you unlock the door and i wake up but don’t really wake up until you are gone enough for me to live again.


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