Countdown to Earth Bound.

June 3, 2016 § Leave a comment


lavender in our pits in the pits of our neck
in fingerprints on the third eyes of children
when they pry open all of the trapdoors on
our skulls on an average school day. HOW!?

calm/calm… calm. calm like we’re salt lamp orange
glowing around them and flickering in front of them
once skill and now weeping willow. HOW!?
we’ve licked the salt lamp before turning it off.

avocado pit is a female adam’s apple. HOW!?

eve’s peach sits on her rolling chair…
scoots towards the

19 days… 19 days… 19 days. 18 days…

slough off musty carpet hurt, bed bug dirt, small voice,
big voice, big arms, and stomping feet that escalate from
walking feet. HOW!?
rub our heads on slate

post-shed big arms will hold one frame only
then grip the bed frame bucking a stretch from crown to toe?
HOW!? lavender in the bite and lavender/lavender… lavender.
lavender is how to grow amythest teeth.

zines are gone///new zine projects in works. This year was the most rewarding teaching year of my life.


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